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It’s Tough Being a Femme Leader: Iacon


Never had you felt so nervous or full of dread about going into a building before. But when said building is the primary base for the Autobots who are planning to fight against Megatron and the Decepticons, it wasn’t all that surprising.

After accepting your role as the new Prime, Alpha Trion directed you, Optimus, and Elita-1 to head for Iacon. From what he told you, some Autobots are trying to round up enough troops in order to put together a stable and competent army. As the new leader, the ultimate decisions to appoint what positions to soldiers and who to accept into the army lie upon your shoulders.

Easier said then done.

“I feel like I’m coming down with a virus…” you muttered, arms wrapped around your torso.

“We haven’t even gotten to the front gate,” Elita-1 pointed out as she gently pushed you forward, keeping you walking towards your destination. Optimus was right behind the two of you.

“Yeah, and just imagine how awful I’ll feel once we get inside.” You gulped a little. The prospect of being Prime was becoming less and less appealing to you. The Energon inside you tanks churned uncomfortably, and the cooling system was working harder than before to bring your temperature level down. “Primus, I’m NOT in my element here…”

You had absolutely no idea what you were supposed to do or say. The Matrix declared you as the new leader less than nine joors ago, and already you are to face the ‘bots that you would be working with and fighting for, for Primus-knows how long. It felt like you were dumped into a pool of Sharkticons without means of defending yourself. Yes, it was that circuit-wracking.

A hand on your shoulder brought you out of your thoughts. “Relax, Nebilus,” Optimus said, “Vent in, and out.” You followed his instructions. In… your intake system brought in new air, and out… and vented old air out. You repeated this process until your systems cooled down enough for you to not feel as if you’re being squeezed dry of Energon. “You’ll be fine, but you certainly won’t be if you keep thinking negatively.”

Elita-1 nodded. “You may be Prime, and with that position comes great responsibility.” You gave her a pointed look that said, ‘Tell me something I DON’T know.’ You quickly got rid of the look though; it wasn’t her fault that you were in your current predicament. She just smiled softly at you, sympathizing with you. “However, you yourself are no stranger to such a situation. After all, you were once the supervisor to a loading dock, and you’ve had your share of settling disputes between workers. This is the very same."

“Except I wasn’t the ‘head honcho’,” you stated in the driest tone you could muster. You were only the supervisor of that one dock; you weren’t the employer who was in charge of every single worker in every single dock. All you did was watch over the workers and make daily reports. The only thing that betrayed your sarcastic statement was the small grin you had on your lips. Elita-1 was right. If you really thought about it, your previous job was similar to being a leader: both had to look after the ones working under them, both had to solve arguments that happened every now and then, and both had to think about which decision would benefit most. Thinking things like that helped eased most of your nervousness. “Thanks, Elita.”

“Honestly,” she started in a pseudo-exasperated tone, “Where would you be without us?”

“On the other side of Cybertron, most likely,” Optimus answered in a matter-of-fact tone.
You gave them flat stares. “Gee, thanks a lot for the confidence booster, you two.” Elita-1 giggled with a fist held up to her lip components. Optimus smiled behind his mask. You joined in with a grin. “Seriously, though, thanks.”

“Anytime, Nebilus.”


“How did things wind up this way…” you grumbled softly, a hand held up to your forehead. You, Optimus, and Elita-1 were now in a large conference room of sorts inside the Iacon Base. You were seated between Optimus and Elita-1 at the end of a long table.  The windows at the side provided a view of a training field of sorts. You could vaguely hear some soldiers training outside.

At the moment, you were waiting for the ones in charge of this base, though not in the way you wanted. You and your sparkhood friends were under the suspicion of being “posers” so to speak.

How did you end up here?

Just breems ago, the three of you were at the front gate of the Autobot base. Everything was going along fine: you didn’t show any signs of your previous nervousness, your voice transmitter didn’t freeze up, and you looked at the guards straight in the optics when you asked to see the ones in charge. So you couldn’t understand why you were arrested.
Then again, it might’ve been when you replied to their question as to why you wished to speak with the ones in charge. Maybe stating that you were the new Prime wasn’t such a good idea.

“Perhaps you should have been more subtle,” Optimus pointed out.

You shot him a deadpan look. “Sure. So tell me how to be subtle in saying that you’re the new leader of the Autobots.”

Elita-1 looked around a bit nervously. “What do you think is going to happen now?” The last thing she expected was to be arrested. Primus, that was the last thing any of you expected.

“Hey, don’t worry,” you clapped her on the shoulder, giving her a grin, “We’re telling the truth after all. Plus, we’re not doing anything harmful to them, so I doubt we’ll be in real trouble.” You paused a little. “Unless you count that one mech having a Spark-attack.” You smothered your snickers. After you answered their question, one of the guards started sputtering so much that the only words you heard were ‘femme’, ‘Prime’, ‘short’, and ‘can’t be’. He started to emit smoke, probably having short-circuited one of his processors.

Elita-1 gave you a meaningful look. “This is hardly the time for this…” You raised an optic ridge at her, noticing the way she trailed off. “…Even if it was rather amusing.” She let a small smile show to which you answered by widening your grin. Optimus smiled as well, but for a different reason.

“You seem less nervous, Nebilus.”

You blinked before tilting your head, thinking. That was true; you didn’t feel any of the nervousness or pessimism you had prior to coming to the base. They have dwindled to practically nothing after your “arrest”. Huh…

“I’m surprised myself,” you said while shrugging and knocking your head gently, “Never could understand how my CPU works. Maybe I have severe mood swings?”

“Primus, I hope not,” Optimus whispered. You donned a disbelieving look. He whispered it loud enough for your audio receptors to pick up, after all. You also picked up the joking undertone, so you forgave him.

Just then, the doors hissed open. The three of you quieted down and sat up straighter. Even if you’re meeting under “unusual” circumstances, you still had to look presentable to these ‘bots, no? So chin up, back straight, hands on lap, feet flat on the floor, and optics locked onto theirs when spoken to.

Four ‘bots entered, three mechs and one femme. You mentally smiled. At least the army wasn’t made up of a bunch of chauvinistic mechs who deemed war as too violent for femmes to handle. This femme was light blue and white. She was pretty, but you could tell that she was a tough one, probably even more than some of the mechs that came in with her.

Speaking of the mechs…

One of them was as tall as Optimus, and his design was almost similar to his except he didn’t have Optimus’s mask and his armor plating was mostly blue than red. You thought it was slightly freaky how some ‘bots’ designs came so close to each other especially when they didn’t share the same Creators. From your point of view, he didn’t look like the type to lead. In more blunt terms, a “grunt”, you thought.

Next was a red and gray mech. He was about two heads taller than the first two mechs, but still shorter than the third mech. A rectangular windshield made up for his chest component. Looking him over discretely, you found that he was probably an experienced fighter. There was just something about the way he stood there that told you that. (You also noticed how close he was standing to the blue femme.)

The last mech was obviously the oldest out of all of them. His face and his body’s worn metal were enough to tell you that much. His color scheme consisted of different shades of slate. Like the red mech, he seemed like he had his shares of battles. Perhaps a war veteran?

The four of them silently took the seats on the opposite side of the table and studied you, and vice versa. No one said anything at first until the red mech spoke up.

“So,” he looked at Optimus, “you the one claimin’ to be Prahme?”

Optimus stared dumbly at him, optics blinking a few times. The foreign accent probably threw him off a little, but the question was clear. You almost slapped your forehead. You were sure the guard outside told them...unless they couldn’t decipher the words that were sputtering from his mouth. Wow, his circuits must be shorted out more than you thought. You made a mental note to apologize to the mech later.

“Ah, no,” you cut in, holding up a hand, “That would be me. I’m the new Prime.”


Dead silence.

You could hear soldiers running outside on the training field. Ever step, every puff of air.

“You're slaggin’ me.” Your optic ridge twitched slightly. The mech’s tone was enough to tell you that he didn’t believe you. Then again, looking at the rest of the ‘bots, they didn’t believe you either. “I take it you have doubts.”

“It’s not a matter of having doubts or not,” the femme started, “but we can’t just take your word that you’re Prime.”

The blue mech nodded to her statement. “Unless you provide solid proof that you are indeed Prime, I’m afraid that you and your friends will be arrested for providing false allegations to an army soldier.”

You cycled for a few times to calm yourself. It certainly wouldn’t do for your case if you couldn’t control yourself. And you could see why they would doubt you. It’s not everyday someone just up and tells you you’re the new leader of the Autobots. Okay, so they need evidence, evidence that proves that I’m undeniably Prime and the leader of the Autobots. It didn’t take long for your CPU to come up with an answer. Your jaw dropped open, optics widening. You quickly ducked your head, faceplates tinted pink with Energon. Oh, Primus…

Optimus and Elita-1 noticed your expression and turned concerned optics on you. You gently waved them off, mouthing, ‘I’m okay’. The solution your CPU came up with would indeed erase the doubts about you being the new leader, although you certainly didn’t like it…

“Is something wrong?” the blue mech asked. He and his comrades were confused about your sudden display. You cleared your voice transmitter. “It’s nothing.” You stood up slowly but did not move from your spot. You looked at each of them straight in the optics, unwavering. “I have proof to back my words.”

Once you were sure their attention was on you, you cycled a big breath.


A line appeared right in the middle of your chest. The reaction was immediate: shock, surprise, and MAJOR embarrassment.

“What’re you doing?!” This came from the old mech. Sounds like he’s appalled by what you’re planning to do. The femme yelled at the mechs to cover their optics. The red mech followed the instruction, as well as the blue and red mech (though his cheekplates were flushed with Energon).

“Have you no shame?!” Ah, if only Mr. Red knew…

“Nebilus?!” you recognized your friends’ voices. They, too, shared the other ‘bots confusion and shock.

It was only after your chest plating slid apart that the chaos fell into a standstill. The ‘bots’ (the ones with their optics uncovered) jaws have practically fallen to the floor while their optics widened to the point that you worried if they’ll ever revert back to normal. The red mech and the blue mech hesitantly peeked through their fingers to see if you’re done, only to fall into the same state as their comrades.

There, resting just before your Spark, was the Matrix of Leadership, enveloping the whole room with its aura even from within the confines of your Spark chamber.

“Th-that’s the Matrix of Leadership…” gasped the old mech.

“So…” the blue mech seemed to be at a loss for words, “you really are…?”

You nodded before closing your chest plating. “My name is Nebilus Prime, and the Matrix has chosen me as the new leader of the Autobots.”

A hushed silence fell. You waited for their shock to pass, forcing yourself to not shift your weight from one foot to the other. The atmosphere was tense, after all. Finally, the red mech sat down, a hand to his head. “A femme… It chose a femme…”

“Is there a problem with that, Ironhide?” the femme asked with a pointed glare on her face. Ironhide held up both his hands as defense “ ‘Course not, Chromia! It’s just, never had there been a FEMME leader in the history o’ Cybertron.” He glanced at you. “And never had a Prime ever been so…”

“Short?” you supplied, tone anything but offended. You came to accept your vertically challenged state. You will find ways to use it to your advantage was what you promised yourself. Ironhide stopped himself. You showed your amusement through your optics.

“However, you are the new Prime,” the old mech rubbed his chin, “The glow from the Matrix tells us that much.” Yet even with these words, he and his comrades seemed to have trouble taking in this new information. You didn’t blame them; it took you cycles to finally come to terms with you being Prime. You sighed.

“I’m not asking you to immediately put me in charge, I’m not asking you to immediately trust me either,” you started. You looked at each of them in the optics before continuing: “I know that I’ll have to earn that trust before anything else. And so, to do that…”


“… … …”

“That went well,” said Elita-1. Optimus nodded in agreement.

“Yeah…” you mumbled, feeling just a bit tired from this orn’s events. The three of you were now waiting just outside Ironhide’s office. The red mech had stated that the three of you needed to be “looked after” so two cadets were to lead you around the premises.

“You handled yourself well back there, Nebilus.” You blinked, turning to Optimus. “You neither flinched nor backed down when things became complicated.”

You laughed a bit, rubbing the back of your neck. “Though I have to say that I don’t want to repeat that experience. Almost as bad as talking sense to two bickering seniors…”

“Although, I think that you’ll only face more of those encounters in the future.”
You took on a deadpan look. “Thanks, Elita. That REALLY helps.” She hid a smile. She was only telling the truth. That didn’t mean you liked it. You sighed. Oh well, you’ll just have to deal with it. Elita-1 suddenly frowned. And here it comes…

“Nebilus, I don’t understand,” you shrugged, telling her to keep going, “why are you entering the army as a cadet?”

Yes, breems ago, you stated that you will gain the ‘bots’ trust by joining them as, not as the leader, but as a mere cadet. Needless to say, your announcement caught everyone off guard.

“I understand that you wish to build a trusting relationship with the ones currently in command, but I fail to see how this will do so.”

You sighed. Well, it’s not like your sparkhood friends knew how your CPU worked. Although you yourself had no clue about how your own CPU functioned at times, either. So, how to explain it in simple terms?

“You want an amateur fighter as a leader?”

Whatever comeback they were going to say was muted. Optimus and Elita-1 looked at each other. True, they usually knew what thoughts passes through your CPU and personally knew just what kind of ‘bot you are, so they were already ready to accept you as leader. However, your battling skills weren’t something to boast about. You only fought in one battle, and that time the element of surprise was on your side. Now that Megatron knew that he had to deal with you and Optimus, it was more than likely that he’ll seek out stronger fighters to add to his troops.

It wasn’t hard to piece things together from there. Optimus turned to you again. “So, by enlisting yourself as a cadet in the army, you’ll undergo training sessions which will serve to not only improve your skills as a warrior but also to find more about your new body’s fighting capabilities.”

“And, you know,” you crossed your arms, glancing outside the window, “I know next to nothing about anyone in this base.”

Elita-1 caught on. “And being a cadet, you can personally learn more about your fellow Autobots—personalities, abilities, strengths, weaknesses—and thus be able to organize the army to work at the most efficient level.”

You nodded. “That’s the gist of it.”

“That’s…” Elita-1 didn’t know what word would sum up the feelings she was getting from listening to you. Optimus helped by saying the first word that came to his CPU.


You gave your trademark grin. “I try.”


You blinked. Someone cleared his or her voice transmitter. The three of you turned towards the sound. A black and white mech stood there, a fist coming down from its previous position in front of his lip components. Judging from his red chevron on his forehead and the door wings on his back, he was Datsun model. You remembered reading about that model of robots in those fashion datapads you sometimes browsed through when days were really slow at the docks. He was only a few inches taller and maybe a few vorns older, but the way he just stood there made you feel like you were being stared down.

…Scratch that, he was staring you down. With a cool calculating gaze at that. You put a fist to your hip and shifted your weight to the leg that was on the same side of the fist and met his gaze evenly. “Hi.”

“Hello,” was the curt response. Silence ensued between the two of you. Optimus and Elita-1 looked at each other, slightly put off by the tense atmosphere.

Suddenly, a white arm slung around the Datsun’s shoulder from behind, creating a large ‘clang’ sound. “Primus, Prowl, loosen up! Yer scarin’ the femme!”

You almost squawked in indignation while Optimus and Elita-1 choked back laughter. You were NOT scared of him! Sure he looks intimidating, but you weren’t scared. You faced the newcomer with your arms crossed in front of your chest and quickly scanned him over. This new mech wasn’t a Datsun model. He didn’t have the chevron or door wings. Instead, he had two rectangular horns on the sides of his head. Even though he had the black and white color scheme that Prowl has, he had a blue visor that hid his optics from view. Prowl simply pushed the arm off without so much as glancing at whose arm it was.

“You’re late, Jazz.” Jazz grinned widely, not at all disturbed by how the Datsun brushed him off. Probably used to him acting like that, you thought. Jazz turned to the three of you. “So you three are the ones ol’ Ironhide asked us to guide?”

Another mech with a strange accent.

“That’s correct,” said Optimus, “I’m Optimus. These are my friends, Elita-1 and Nebilus.” Elita-1 smiled softly and waved. You mentally huffed, but let go of your irritation. Jazz most likely didn’t mean anything by saying that Prowl was scaring you. You grinned and nodded. “Hi there.”

“Optimus, Elita-1…” He was repeating the names to make sure he got it. You’re a bit unsure as to why he trailed off with yours, or why his gaze seemed to linger on your form. “…Nebilus,” he finished, grinning, “I think I got it. Well, I’m Jazz. And this here,” he slung his arm around the Datsun again, “is my good buddy, Prowl.” Said mech merely nodded. You raised an optic ridge slightly. Those two were friends? That certainly explained why Prowl seemed used to Jazz’s presence. “We’ll be the ones takin’ you to the med bay.”

Why the med bay? Kup explained that in order to be enlisted, one must pass the physical examination. After all, a healthy ‘bot is more useful than a sickly ‘bot.

Prowl turned on his heel, saying ‘this way’ before walking off. The rest of you followed the Datsun.

Optimus hesitated a little, but it’s bothering his processors. “Have we done something to upset your friend?”

“Ah? Aw, naw, man!” Jazz replied jovially, “Prowler’s always been like this. He’s ain’t much of a social mech, or much of a talker for that matter. He can be pretty uptight, too, but he’s great once ya get ‘ta know him.”

“Speaking from experience?” you asked with an optic ridge raised in curiosity. At his grin in response, you giggled. You could just picture Jazz trying to get Prowl to open up and failing numerous times before Prowl finally let his walls down enough for Jazz to get to know him. How many tries it took was a mystery.

“That is not my name, Jazz,” Prowl deadpanned. Seems like Jazz’s nicknames weren’t appreciated. From the looks on his faceplates, though, Jazz didn’t care. “And I can hear you.”

“It was meant to be heard, Prowl m’man.” The Datsun only offered a flat look over his shoulder before facing forwards again. You glanced up and over your shoulder at Optimus and Elita-1 with amused optics and open grin. They, too, shared your mirth. Looking at these two, they were much like the three of you, exchanging witty remarks and such.

“By the way, Nebilus…” You perked up at your name, head tilted curiously. Jazz’s grin seemed to have widened at your action. “I heard from ‘Hide that YOU are the new Prime?”

You blinked. You expected Ironhide and the others to have told your guides, though you certainly didn’t expect Jazz to be so direct. Ah well, as your motto goes: live and learn something new every day. “Yes, that’s right…” You suddenly had a thought. What if the other cadets start treating you differently and behaving differently because you were Prime? That would completely ruin half the plans you had by becoming a cadet.

“Whoa, cool yer circuits ‘fore you jump to conclusions,” Jazz cut in. You jumped. Primus, were you speaking out loud? Looking from your friends to your guides, yes, you were. You mentally smacked yourself. Great first impression, Neb.

“So,” Jazz waved a hand for you to continue, “why the sudden panic?” He was genuinely curious. Prowl continued to look forwards, but his speed was less brisk than before.

You stared at him for a while and did the same to Prowl. You debated with yourself whether to tell them or not. It wouldn’t do you any harm if you told them. It may actually prove to be in your favor. You glanced at Optimus and Elita-1 to see if they were skeptical about telling these two. They weren’t.

And so you explained to the two black and white mechs your cause for alarm and why you were joining the Autobots as a cadet rather than taking your place as the new leader. Jazz looked thoughtful after you finished. “That’s it? You’re jus’ worried that the others’ll treat you differently ‘cause yer Prime?”

“As I told you before, I want to know what I can about each soldier so that I may be able to utilize their skills to the fullest and create an army that will more than capable of defeating the Decepticons. But I’m afraid that because I’m Prime, they’ll start being someone else entirely instead of themselves for fear of upsetting me.”

“I suppose I can understand your reasoning.” Prowl wasn’t looking at you as he spoke, but you didn’t really mind. Someone had to lead the rest of you to the destination after all. “Most robots generally behave differently when around their superiors. However, I do not understand why you are entering as a cadet. Surely, you can still do everything as Prime. Furthermore, we’re to trust your skills as the leader.”

He brought up a good point, that Prowl. You could just take your position as the leader and then prove to every Autobot that you can be trusted to lead them against the Decepticons. And you could just tell every Autobot to not be too formal.

“You bring up a good point, Prowl.” You blinked. Did Optimus gained a special power that lets him read CPUs? “However, can you truly say that you would not be skeptical about trusting a leader that you knew next to nothing about? So by being “one of them”, so to speak, Nebilus will seem more approachable regardless of her being Prime.”

Prowl didn’t respond. You opened your mouth before closing it. Optimus had thought about what your fellow Autobots would feel about you being the new leader. By joining as a cadet, not only would you learn more about them, they would learn more about you and thus would place their trust in you. You felt pride swell in your Spark; your naïve sparkhood friend was growing up!

Jazz laughed, clapping the Datsun on the back. “He got you there, Prowler!” Prowl deliberately ignored his friend. Hard to tell they were friends.

“We’re here.”

You looked at the transparent sign next to the doors at the top part of the wall. Said sign had the standard medic insignia. The med bay, where you, Optimus, and Elita-1 would be undergoing physical examinations.

The doors suddenly slid open. A mech frantically stumbled out, fear clear in his optics. “Wait, Ratchet-!”


Your optics widened while your jaw dropped open. You stared as the mech yelped in pain before rubbing the new dent on his forehead. Elita-1 was in shock as well.

“Was…that a wrench that just flew out?” she asked. Optimus only nodded dumbly. You had a hard time believing it. That wrench was flying way too fast for our optics to follow!

“Hey, Wheeljack!” Jazz greeted the pained mech, “What’d you do this time to invoke yer buddy Ratchet the Hatchet’s wrath?”

Ratchet…the Hatchet?! You thought, That’s a scary nickname for a medic…

“Eh, well, you know my track record,” said Wheeljack, standing back up. You watched in small amazement as the “fins” on the side of his head flashed as he spoke. “I blew something up again.”

You gained a deadpan look on your faceplates. ‘Track record’? ‘Again’? That meant that this Wheeljack blew up something more times than you could count (You were guessing.) before today. You could only imagine Ratchet’s frustration of seeing this mech again and again in his med bay.

“Come,” Prowl ushered the three of you in, “you need your physical examinations done.”

You glanced over your shoulder at Wheeljack who was sporting a pretty decent dent from just a mere wrench. If he was a friend of the medic and was damaged like that…

Primus, help me.


“So, what did you think about them?” asked Chromia. She was organizing the new datapads and filing them into the cabinets.

“They’re young and eager,” Kup grumbled, handing the femme the datapad on Optimus, “but they’ve got potential. I can tell from their optics.”

“And Nebilus?”

Kup put a finger to his chin, thinking. “I’m still surprised that the Matrix chose a femme to lead the Autobots.”

“She’s too young…” spoke Ironhide, “An’ she’s an amateur! She’s not fit to lead!” Ironhide winced. He hadn’t meant for it to sound insulting. The thing was, the idea of having a leader so young and so inexperienced lead an army against the Decepticons didn’t sit well with him. Whatever happens to the army falls onto the leader’s shoulders. He was worried about what would happen should the stress bury you.

Kup frowned at his fellow war veteran. “The Matrix wouldn’t have chosen her unless she was capable, Ironhide.”

“I know… I know,” Ironhide grumbled, “But, it jus’ ain’t right for someone so young to be involved in the war…”

Kup sighed. “You and I both know that’s not possible.” Ironhide nodded. “Jus’ hope she’ll be all right.”

“She will.”

Ironhide, Kup, and Chromia blinked before turning to the last occupant in the room. Ultra Magnus was looking at the datapad he just finished writing in.

“What makes you so certain, Ultra Magnus?” asked Chromia.

Ultra Magnus said nothing as his optics scanned through the contents of the datapad. He scrolled the screen all the way to the first part. There was a picture with a name and statistics written next to it.

The name was in bold: NEBILUS PRIME.


You were by yourself. Elita-I and Optimus were in separate rooms being interviewed by Chromia and Ironhide. You yourself were currently interviewed by the tall blue mech whose name you learned to be Ultra Magnus. Kup, the old mech, had excused himself in order to take care of things around the base. So far, the questions he asked were simple and straight-to-the-point.

“All right, last question,” Ultra Magnus stopped writing on the datapad, looking up at you, “Have you had any previous fighting experience?” The stylus was positioned in the way that looked like he already knew the answer.



You winced. Now you knew how a stylus sounded if it was dragged roughly across a datapad. Ultra Magnus was staring at you with wide optics, his mouth parted in disbelief. “Wh-what?”

“Well,” you put a finger to your chin, “to be more precise, I’ve only fought that one time when Megatron raided our—that is, mine, Optimus’s, and Elita-1’s—city’s energy supply. Megatron almost deactivated me since he shot so close to my Spark chamber.” You continued, not noticing his now gaping jaw as you immersed yourself in your remembrance to explain in detail. “I was only a civilian working as a supervisor over a dock, so I had no means of defense. So throwing myself head first to shield a friend from the blast may have been reckless and stupid on my account, but I hardly regret it. Anyway, after getting repaired, I went into battle against the Decepticons. I took down Decepticons easily even though it was my first time on the battlefield. I guess it was because I was rebuilt entirely into a warrior model and because I caught them off guard.” Upon seeing Ultra Magnus’s raised hand, you finally realized you were running your voice transmitter. “Oh, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine…” He wrote something on the datapad. “So you’ve actually fought Megatron?” You thought about it. You confronted Megatron with Optimus by your side… You remembered Megatron’s look of shock in his optics when the blast from his fusion cannon just bounced off your new armor plating. Still, he left all the work to his subordinates. “I’ve confronted him, but have yet to engage in battle with him.”

“I see.” He wrote more on the datapad. His lips moved, though all you heard was ‘is from that city from the report’ in his mumbling. The stylus stopped moving. Everything was quiet for the next breem or so. He finally returned his optics to yours.

“Do you seek revenge?”

You jumped at the sudden question. “Excuse me?” Didn’t you just answer the last question? But seeing his expression, you felt that you had to answer. You turned the question over in your CPU.
Did you seek revenge on Megatron?

He did destroy your city just so he could take the energy stored in the warehouses, not to mention kill almost everyone you knew. The place where you lived was nothing but rubble now. Most importantly, he almost killed your sparkhood friends. Those deeds were unforgivable, and you felt the ugly hatred wrap around your Spark.

“I hate Megatron for what he’s done.”


“I hate war even more. I want Cybertron and its inhabitants to have a future, so I seek to protect them from Megatron’s tyranny. He may have brought my city into ruin, he may have almost killed me, but my hatred for him does not amount to the hatred I hold for pointless fighting and bloodshed.

“And to me, revenge brings nothing but that.”

The blue mech gazed at you thoughtfully. So you weren’t shallow like some of the soldiers already in the army. They wanted to get back at the Decepticons because they either destroyed their homes; killed friends, family or loved ones; or just ruined their lives. But you wanted all Cybertronians to be able to live on after the war. Which meant it was more than likely that you knew the true ugliness of war even though you never been in one.

“Ultra Magnus?”

“…It’ll be fine.”

“Excuse me?”

…You’ll be a fine leader, Nebilus…

                                                   ***End Flashback***

“Ultra Magnus?”

“…Let’s just say that I’ve learned quite a few things about Prime.”
Chapter 2... Ugh... My brain...

I'll add more comments once I have something in mind...


OK! So chapter 2, you've gotten to Iacon. Problem? The Autobots are skeptical about placing you as leader. Solution? You have to earn their trust and learn everything that you can about the army!

Transformers (c) to their rightful creators
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Ah, not sure if you still write this (really hope you do though!) but the story's idea is really interesting because I've never seen anyone else come up with it, and I really hope you will continue this during this year and update soon!
witchcat2012 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
I really like this!
Kittyzandueta Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Pleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please update the story!!!
SICProwl Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Please....please continue this story!!!  I love it to death! T^T
Nickiz Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Wow! Its hard to find a story this well written for oc/reader insert. Especially for Transformers! Can't wait to read more. :)
icyblaze89 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
plz continue this story....


being the shortest leader is not easy :)
and hail Nebilus making Ultra Magnus attacked by your suprise attack

i like that part :D
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